Bangle and Bracelet Sizer

For your convenience, we have 2 methods that you can use to measure your bangle/bracelet size.

Method A: Request for the Bangle-Sizer

This is by far the most accurate way of determining your bangle/bracelet size. For a hassle free experience in identifying your bangle/bracelet size, please contact our customer support team - to request a bangle/bracelet sizer. A sizer will be shipped to you when we receive a request and you could let us know the accurate size.

Method B: Use a Bangle/Bracelet size chart

Here is a chart that will help you determine your size of bangle. To measure your hand, you will need a strip of paper/tape/string and a ruler. Touch your thumb to the little finger and measure the part of your hand that is widest as indicated in the picture.

Step 1. Cut a piece of string long enough to comfortably measure your hand.
Step 2. Touch your thumb to your little finger and measure the widest portion of your hand with the string and mark the meeting point..
Step 3. Use a ruler to measure the length of the string

Check your measurement with the chart below to determine your bangle size.
Bangle SizeCircumference
Sizes available for oval bracelets

For oval bracelets, the sizes available are:

Oval Bracelet Size Inner circumference Corresponding round bangle size
H - 43 mm x W - 53 mm 151.21 mm 2.2
44 mm x W - 54 mm 154.34 mm 2.3
H - 45 mm x W - 55 mm 157.47 mm 2.4
48 mm x W - 58 mm 166.88 2.5
50 mm x W - 60 mm 173.14 2.6

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