About Aaratrika

Aaratrika, is a fine jewellery brand with a strong focus on quality, affordability and reach. Amit, with his experience and education, understands the role of technology in the otherwise still traditional gems & jewellery sector. Traditionally gold has always been purchased by Indians not just for its beauty and allure, but also because of its huge investment worthiness.

At Aaratrika, we offer both – investment value and beauty. We are different from traditional jewellers as we sell jewellery with full disclosure & accountability. Our deep focus on customer service and creating customer delight makes the experience of buying jewellery a moment to treasure.

We stand as a genuine & trusted source to shop for gold & diamond studded jewellery online. One of the underlying principles of Aaratrika is to offer only products that are hallmarked for gold & laboratory certified for diamonds & gemstones.

Rely on Aaratrika as a one-stop shop for all jewellery needs from rings to pendants to mangalsutras to bracelets and bangles to earrings – all in plain gold or diamond studded jewellery.

Our relationship- based customer care will ensure an experience of buying jewellery that is relevant and exclusive to you!

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